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You can choose the advanced option for setting

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  If you are willing to use the TV as a second monitor, you will also need to configure how your operating system is going to utilize it as per the instruction provided in the video card manual. There are many ways Auto Brake Hose of doing so and below are some of the steps which will enable you in connecting your computer and TV with HDMI capability. Unless the computer is enabled with HDMI output, you will also require cords for connecting the sound card output to the HDMI adapter or cable as HDMI technology can transmit both audio and video output together.Now boot your computer, configure the new output device by going to the Control Panel display settings tab. In case of any difficulty, you can consult Microsoft Technical Support available online. In the mirror mode, you can have the same display in both the screens whereas in the extended desktop mode, each monitor will operate independently.

You can choose the advanced option for setting the refresh rate. Turn off your computer and go to the back of your computer case where you will find a cable coming out of the monitor. If you have chosen a DVI output card then a simple DVI to HDMI converter will be good for converting the output of your computer to an accurate HDMI input for the TV. Since your computer is now connected to your big screen HDMI TV, you can obtain a cordless keyboard and mouse to control your computer from the couch as well. You can configure the resolution of the TV from the settings tab.

That cable is connected to the output port of the video card which could be a 15pin VGA or a 29pin DVI port.You can now connect the TV and the computer through the HDMI cable after installing the appropriate converter or adapter, if required. You may find a HDMI port besides the regular monitor port. If you are not sure how to install it, contact a computer support guy for assistance. If the HDMI port is present there, you can easily connect the HDMI cord coming from your HDMI TV to this port.Reboot the computer for applying the changes if required and go to your couch to enjoy movies or sports on your newly created big screen. Most of the video cards offer the option of using multiple output devices in multiple ways.. You can buy either an HDMI or a DVI output card and install the same on the Auto spare parts available slot as per the instruction provided. If there is only one video output and you want to run both TV as well as the monitor with it, you need to buy a new video card. Consult you HDMI TV manual for the listing of the screen resolutions and refresh rate your TV supports.HDMI technology enables transmission of high definition video and audio signal on a single cable simultaneously

A new satellite tasked to track water on Earth

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  ."There was a reason that Greenland was called "green land." But the climate changed, the weather got colder, and settlements died out. The third member of NASA's Earth Observing System mission is a spacecraft named Aura that will focus on the planet's atmosphere. It's been move or starve," said Edward Olsen, a Jet Propulsion Laboratory scientist and senior member of the technical staff for one of the satellite's six science instruments.m. The early afternoon observation time contrasts with the Terra satellite, which crosses the equator between 10:30 and 10:45 a."For the whole of human history, climate has been the invisible hand that has pushed people.

The satellite, called Aqua -- "water" in Latin -- will pump bearing collect detailed data about what is happening in the atmosphere above the planet's oceans.The rocket bearing Aqua is scheduled to blast off from Vandenberg Air Force Base in California between 2:55 and 3:05 a. It doesn't take much, a shift in temperature of just a few degrees, to trigger an ice age or a widespread drought," Olsen said. daily. The Barbarian invasion of Europe may have been the consequence of a climate change in eastern Asia that started a chain of westward migrations.Aqua was designed to track changes in ocean circulation and study how cloud formation and movement, rain and surface water affect Earth's climate.,

A new satellite tasked to track water on Earth is scheduled for launch into orbit early Saturday for a six-year mission surveying the planet's atmosphere, oceans and lands.m. as it heads north. The information should vastly improve weather forecasting and contribute to scientists' understanding of global climate changes. It is scheduled for launch in January 2004. From an orbital perch 430 miles above Earth and revolving around the planet's poles, Aqua will cross the equator daily at 1:30 p.The satellite's data are expected to lead to more accurate computer models for weather forecasting. With the satellites relaying morning and afternoon data, scientists will be able to study key weather triggers, such as rainfall and ocean circulation, on a daily basis. PDT Saturday.m.VANDENBERG AFB, Calif."Aqua will provide unprecedented information on the global water cycle," said Ghassem Asrar, NASA's Earth Science division director.Aqua is the sister satellite to the land-observing Terra spacecraft, which was launched in December 1999

This company offers a comprehensive range

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  Experts of this company work realy hard on the development of their products as well as the company. You also find name of Americor in the category of Electrical Supplies CA . With our high qualified power cables we are capable enough to work with many renowned and established companies through world wide. Our extensive knowledge about electronic goods , huge collections of products, new designs help us a lot to reign over this field. Americor Electronics Ltd a well-established and reputed company , also Power Cable Suppliers CA. Americor manufactures and distributes a wide range of power cables across Asia at a very cheap rate..Among the best Electric and Electronic goods suppliers in the world Americor Electronics Ltd. Our quality of electric goods , eficiency products, skilled workmen are allow us being different from the competitor. is a famous name.

This company offers a comprehensive range of Power Supply Cords, as it is a name of Power Cords Suppliers CA. Americor connecting the world is manufacturers and distributors of all type original electronic equipments. In this competitive era of technology their new innovations are realy memorable . Their service does not stop supplying customers but most of the time they can manage their inventory and ship as needed to help the customers with their inventory control. Our Quality and cost-effective Power Cables are widely preferred by customers. We serve you Stocking- and consignment programs, Kanban and Just In Time. Customers’ beleive and bless help them to achieve progress and creat new better designs of their products. So buy and sell Auto accessories best quality power cable and cords with us. Their distributors and suppliers are available through the whole world. Variety of Power Cords are made and produced by this company, that include Domestic Power Cords , Hospital Grade Power Cords, Danish power cord, Italian power cord, British power cord, IEC 320 Hooded Male -Female Power Cords, Swiss Power Cords, Argentina Power Cords, Australian Power Cords, Chinese Power Cords, Japanese Power Cords, Korean Power Cords, South African and Indian Power Cords and the list is going on.

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